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Pre-Order FAQ


What is a pre-order?
A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released. The item is not "in-hand" - we are waiting for it to arrive from the manufacturer. The widely accepted practice of pre-ordering came about when collectors found it hard to get highly sought after, limited-edition items in stores due to their popularity. Companies were then given the ability to allow collectors to reserve their own personal copy before its release. Simply put, a pre-order allows consumers to secure an item in advance of its release, even if the item increases in dollar value prior to and after its release, or is sold out prior to release.

How do preorders work? 
By pre-ordering the item now, you are guaranteeing yourself a spot in line to receive it.  When the product arrives in stock, pre-orders are fulfilled first! You will received an email with your tracking number with your order has shipped.

When am I charged for a pre-order item?
You are charged immediately, and in return, you are guaranteed the item. We only pre-sell items that have been confirmed by the manufacturer. There are many companies that charge you when the item ships. However, they will take an unlimited amount of orders for any particular item. If they can not fill it from their first shipment, they will then tell you it's on backorder. You could wait months, only to find out that they are not getting anymore. Since you never paid, they have no problem cancelling your order.

When will my item arrive?
Check the item description for the most up to date information on the release date. Keep in mind that manufacturer release dates are estimates, and may take longer, or the item may even arrive sooner. We are just relaying the information that is provided to us. We have no control over when the manufacturer actually releases a product, or how fast they ship it to us. The estimated time frame that they provide us is not a guarantee as to when you can expect your item. We are just an anxious for the product to arrive as you are.

Single items such as bundles or sets that include more than one pre-order item, may sometimes take longer to ship out.  If a set of 9 figures is scheduled to be released this week, but one of the figures is delayed by 3 weeks, that 1 figure will hold up the whole order.  If this is the case, most likely this has affected other retailers as well.

We do not recommend purchasing any pre-order item that you absolutely need by a certain day, such as a birthday gift. There is no guarantee as to when the item will arrive in stock. 

I see this item in stores already. 
Depending on the product or brand, you will definitely see items in retail stores first before online retailers have them.  If customers could buy an item online 3-4 weeks before retail, then nobody would buy them in stores, and the multi billion dollar chain stores would have no incentive to buy them. So many manufacturers gives the big retail chains first to market on their products. If you see an item in a certain store, it does not mean that it should be available everywhere. 

Also, most retail stores get the product directly from the manufacturer. It's a much shorter trip to the shelves. Like other online retailers, we have to wait for the product to be received at the manufacturers HQ, then they have to process our order, and then it ships out to us. So while it may be in stores first, we will get it around the same time as other online retailers. 

This item was supposed to be released already, where's my order?
The item has not arrived in stock yet. If your order has not gone out, then it only means that all of the items have not arrived in stock yet. Most likely they are on the way. 

What happens if I order in-stock items with pre-order items.
We will ship your order as you ordered it. If you place an order for an in stock item at the same time as an item coming out in a few months, then your whole order will ship when everything is in stock. If you want to receive items as they are released, then you need to order them separately. 


Why can't I buy a certain item? 
When all of our available inventory gets purchased, the website will remove the "add to cart" button. It most likely means we are sold out. If it's a pre-order, then it means that we are sold out of our current order, and can not get anymore. If we decide to order more inventory after the initial release, we'll post it back on the site. 

I placed an order, why didn't I receive an order confirmation?
There are two possibilities. Since it is a system generated message, the email may have went to your junk mail folder. Also, it is possible that you may have entered the incorrect email address when you placed the order. If that's the case, or you still can not find it, please email us and we'll figure it out. 

My order says "Awaiting Fulfillment" - what does that mean?
It means that you are order has been confirmed and paid for. The next status update will be "shipped" when your order goes out. 

I need to change the address on my order. 
Please email us the new address, and we will send you a confirmation when it is updated. 

How do I cancel an order?
Please email us the order information, and why you wish to cancel. We have the right to charge a 15% cancellation fee on cancelled orders, especially on pre-orders.